My classes are for everyone and Hatha Raja is one of the main pillars of Yoga and it includes Pranayama techniques, Pratyahara and Asana that are good for our hearts and souls.

Alessia Cappuccini
Yoga Teacher

I am a young yogini who has lived most of her life abroad, studying is Switzerland, crossing Mexico and landing in London, city I called home for almost a decade.

Here I have had the first approach to Yoga, finding an amazing variety of international renowned teachers and great studios to practice in.

The real vocation arrived over the last few years; despite loving my full time job in the hospitality business, which allowed me to travel around the globe, I discovered a passion about overall well-being, about the anatomy of our body and the importance of an healthy soul; Yoga definitely satisfied all my curiosities and gave me the answers to all- the different yoga styles and the multiple techniques were all what I ever looked for.

I studied to become a Hatha Raja Yoga teacher with the amazing Ambra Vallo in London. The teacher training made me discover a new world, I found myself studying on the books with a passion I couldn’t ever imagine before and here I understood that this was my path and the right way for me.

I realised how important it was to pass my knowledge to others and to make appreciate and love Yoga with its benefits to all my students and friends. Yoga changed my life and made me a better version of myself, how amazing is that?!

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My classes

My classes are for everybody; someone prefers dynamic and fast paced classes and others prefer slow and calmly flows, that are good for the soul.

I love to see the classes together as a journey of growth. I like to encourage my students to unlock new sensations and to discover new techniques that are good for body and mind.

I offer both private and group classes and most of them include a short meditation and breathing techniques.

Nowadays I teach mostly online, however if you are in Milan I can also do classes in person, either in my studio or at home.

Choose the right class for you


Group classes are either 60 or 75 minutes long.
There are two types: Hatha Raja yoga or Vinyasa Flow

The Hatha Raja classes are very complete:

Hatha focuses on the physical part, whilst Raja on the mind and soul, therefore these classes aim to the Self realisation.

The Vinyasa flow classes are in continuous movement.

The movement is linked to the breath and there is a sequence over the class.


Tuesday - 08.00 a.m. and 07.30 p.m.

Hatha Raja Dynamic Flow

Wednesday - 12.30 p.m.

Hatha Raja Slow Flow

Thursday - 07.00 a.m. and 07.00 p.m.

Vinyasa Dynamic Flow

Friday - 08.00 a.m.

Hatha Raja Dynamic Flow

Saturday - 10.00 a.m.

Vinyasa Dynamic Flow

The private classes are created for the student, depending on its body and past experiences.

I like to think it’s a journey together, therefore I am always encouraging and supporting my yogis who practice with myself, in order to unlock new sensations and to discover new techniques that are good for the body and mind.

Private lessons can be done online or in presence in Milan.

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Why should you practice Yoga?

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is good for our heart andsoul

Once we get into some yoga philosophy you will hear about Patanjali and his Yoga Sutras- the 8 yoga limbs. Here you will learn about the Yamas and Niyamas; these two include 5 golden rules each, that allow us to live a serene and peaceful life with ourselves and with others.  If we manage to follow them, we will be able to be kind and attentive to the other’s wellbeing.

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It is good for our body

Yoga and it’s Asanas help us to keep the flexibility our body would otherwise loose with time, it focuses on muscles that keep our spine long and stable, and it increases our breathing ability.

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It teaches us how to breath

Breathing is so important for an obvious reason: without it we would die! However, with a correct way of breathing by using the diaphragm we create force, we increase lung capacity and, with the control of the breath we gain control over our mind, which is the final aim of the Yoga practice itself. To prove this, think about when we are anxious, our breath is fast. When we are relaxed, our breath is slow and of course, the other way round too. Therefore breath and mind are linked and one contributes over the wellbeing of the other.

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It teaches us to live the present moment

Our hectic lifestyles and today’s society don’t allow us to live in the present, whilst yoga helps us to do so more than anything else. With meditation and breathing techniques we learn how to focus on the present moment. No more thoughts that come and go and finally we gain more control over our mind.

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It is control over our mind

And here we are, this is the most important of all. Nowadays yoga is seen as a gym workout, with nice pictures on Instagram and it attracts many people because they think it helps to burn calories and fat. All of this is so wrong! Yoga’s first definition appears to be in the Katha Upanishad around 500 b.C and it states that Yoga is the control over the mind and senses. There are multiple definitions, however this one makes clear how important it is to have an obedient mind. Let’s start to think about Yoga in all its components and not only as today’s society imposes us.

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