30 August 2021

Holiday, celebrate

…Just one day out of life It would be, it would be so nice…

As Madonna rightly reminds us with her Holiday song, holidays are in fact a day out of our ordinary life, meaning out of our routine, with no rules, habits and, why not, without the usual people and schemes we normally live with during the whole year.

Holiday means new places, fresh air and most importantly, switching off the brain and relax. I hope we all could treat ourselves with small (or large) joys, from amazing food to material gifts and, overall, be free and enjoy that freedom we normally don’t have during the working year back in town.

After such a difficult time in our lives with the pandemic and lockdowns, these summer holidays have been a way to recharge and to find the right motivation to start a September full of energy and expectations.

I have spent amazing holidays this year and I really managed to switch off. It is not that easy with a baby and because of my personality, however with the correct help I did amazingly! In these past 2 weeks in August I have switched off my brain, I didn’t have to think or organise anything, I had amazing friends who took care of us day and night, therefore I went with the flow without my compulsive organisation.

I also realised I completely lost track of time; I had no idea what day of the week it was and time wasn’t a concern for me. This was very surprising, as every mom can imagine. From constantly being with the clock in my hand and following strict routines, I have lived for two weeks following my gut (My daughter is happy and alive, and has been fed and slept her 12 hours a night, Ed. 😊

But there was something I brought with me from my daily city life, which has been working out and my yoga practice. To me it is very normal to bring my sporting gear and running shoes, exactly as it is to bring bikinis to the beach. Whilst I know the majority of you think holiday equal no workout, to me holiday mean workout more. I feel so much better afterwards and I definitely prefer it to drinks at sunset or to waking up late.

I applied the same golden rule to the food; holiday didn’t mean eating junk food without limits. Of course, I have eaten everything without too many problems, including sweets and amazing fried Greek treats, but with control, exactly like I apply it to my whole life: balance is everything. If I ate a lot one day, I tried to limit sweets or beers the next day- with relax, with no sense of guilt.

So, I am back in town with not too many regrets and very ready to start a new life from September; my baby girl starts nursery which means to me a 17-year long phase starts now, which is the “I have a daughter at school” era. This also means to bring her there mornings, pick her up in the afternoon, meetings with the teachers, homework and so on. Furthermore, I will start teaching in two studios in Milan, so I will keep teaching my previous private classes plus the in studio ones, which makes me so happy and excited.

I am totally in love with the sentence “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life” however most of the times holidays are so needed because of the change in scenery, to switch off and to look forward to something different than these past months of monotony in lockdown.

Furthermore, Yoga helped me to get to know myself better and taught me about Samskaras: I imagine these as round circles drawn in the sand within our personality. Every time we repeat an action or have an approach to something, the round circle goes deeper within us, therefore, it is difficult to change way of thinking or doing if these are so marked within us. I have noted that in my daily city life I tend to have a point of view of things, of weekdays, of places, of times with prejudices. For example, Sunday evenings are to me sad days and I can’t wait for Fridays to come. Another example is that at 7:30pm the day is coming to an end to me, without realising I am wasting so many opportunities of doing things afterwards. I can also think at attitudes I have in front of specific things or people that come out so naturally, without realising these are just habits and nothing more. Therefore, these Samskaras, these circles of habits that are so deeply marked within ourselves bring us to think and act in a way they probably wouldn’t in a different contest. For example, 7.30pm isn’t late for me on holiday nor Sundays are worse than Fridays. So, my holidays were so useful to this too- to gain back a neutral point of view and perhaps to take away bad habits I have.

Therefore, with the right amount of melancholy, curiosity and energy I say goodbye to the summer and to our holidays and happily welcome this coming month!

With love xx