19 May 2021

Share the love

Yesterday I took a yoga class online with a colleague in London. She is someone I knew and I took her classes before. I expected an advanced class, with advanced asanas and dynamic sequences, but it ended up being much more. 

I managed to open my heart and feel emotions I, I still feel it today 24 hours later. She has been able to touch parts of myself just with her words. She described emotions and feelings I really felt on my skin and this has been unique. No asanas have ever been able to do this on myself. It really went further my physical practice and since the beginning of the class, the whole hour has been so much more and it is surprising to see, considering we had only a computer screen to connect to each other. 

So I decided to text her thanking myself and telling her what her words meant to me and how she touched my heart. She replied saying how happy she was- I agree, this can be a great present to hear how a student really benefits from the practice. 

Of course showing up week after week proves dedication and trust, means there is a connection between a teacher and a student.

However saying it after the class, perhaps admitting the words have healed a scar within us or awakened emotions, well, thats even better!

This made me think at the support I have received since I became a teacher and I realised how friends and family made an effort to really stand up for me- and support from colleagues has been huge. With my Teacher Training companions we have a WhatsApp group and we chat and speak a lot. 

Recently we practiced all together via zoom and it was like practicing next to each other in studio. 

I love the support and it is so important to show up for someone who does the same as you and is on the same boat. 

How could I ever ignore a fellow yogi who just became teacher and needs any support possible? 

That’s also one of the yoga’s main pillars: being good. I wouldn’t have chosen this path if I didn’t agree with this, right? 

I don’t want to be naive thinking everyone’s intentions are always positive and I understand it might also exist that yoga teachers aren’t the best and the kindest, however I like to hope it. 

I understand there is loads of work to do on ourselves before teaching and sharing it with someone else. Its a daily job; whilst shopping for groceries or in relationship with friends. We have to follow a correct and genuine lifestyle, trying to follow the 8 limbs of the Yoga sutras and, if not, at least the Yamas and Niyamas, which instruct us how to behave within society.

Therefore, here I am to invite you to share all the positive that you think and feel. I urge you to open up to healthy emotions and good vibes that change positively your day. Let go to feelings and, most importantly, share them. Communicate what makes you happy and even more if it is someone else to make you happy. 

Tell your teacher you like her/ him. Tell your partner he/ she makes you happy and congratulate if you think someone is good at something.

And this is the key I have found in the 33rd Sutra of Patanjali. He says there are 4 types of personalities in the world and if someone knows how to treat them, we will retain our undisturbed calmness.

There are the happy people, unhappy people, the virtuous and the wicked. 

To these show them in order friendliness, compassion, delight and disregard. 

If we are able to treat them rightly, we will always keep a serene mind and be happy. We will be involved with the positive people and rightly far from the negative personalities. 

It really touched me and so I did; I texted that yoga teacher that I really liked. 

I hope this can be of inspiration to share some gratitude and kindness, the world really needs it! 

With love xx